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The primary mission of the Thornton Agricultural Finance Institute is to focus faculty research on important topics in agricultural finance; provide support for courses and research in agricultural finance and related areas; and assist with conferences, workshops and other public service functions related to agricultural finance and banking.

Bankers Agricultural Credit Conference


The Thornton Agricultural Finance Institute Co-Sponsors the Annual Bankers Agricultural Credit Conference.  The conference program each year address issues and topics related to agricultural lending, the agricultural economy, legal and regulatory issues, commodity outlook and other issues of interest to rural bankers and lenders.  The conference is directed by a board of directors made up of representatives from area banks.  Dr. Phillip Johnson, Director of the Thornton Agricultural Finance Institute, is the conference coordinator.

Web-Based Production Cost Calculator

Knowledge of the true costs of production is required for crop producers to make sound production, financial, and marketing decisions. The Web-Based Production Cost Calculator  is an information based management tool that can be used in conjunction with their present record system to assist producers in calculating their true production costs.  The web-based enterprise production cost calculator, can aid producers in evaluating enterprise cost and returns by using income statement financial information in addition to enterprise production information. The allocation of income and cost items from the income statement to enterprises and sub-enterprises through the use of specified allocation methods facilitates the calculation of a true cost of production and enterprise profitability.





The Thornton Agricultural Finance Institute provides a focus for research on important topics in agricultural finance.  Agricultural finance is a broad area that relates to many of the research projects within the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.  The Institute provides resources to assist in several research areas.

Standardized Performance Analysis for Multiple Enterprise Farms

Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) is an integrated production, marketing, and financial analysis of farming operations that focuses on measuring enterprise profitability and costs of production to enhance farm-level decision making.  The Standardized Performance Analysis-Multiple Enterprise (SPA-ME) software program allows for the creation and reconciliation of whole-farm financial statements that provide a basis for enterprise analysis.  The SPA project has worked with producers in the Texas High Plains and Costal Bend regions to provide analysis of individual farming operations and compile databases of cost of production and profitability for cotton and grain sorghum production.  Several publications from the SPA project have been published in academic journals and as conference proceedings.


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