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M.S. Theses & Ph.D. Dissertations 1994-99



Economic Evaluation and Optimization for Old World Bluestems in the Texas Panhandle - Lal Almas - Ph.D. Dissertation

Inter-Sectoral Relationships in the Texas Cotton Industry - Blake Bennett - Ph.D. Dissertation


Selected Economic Impacts of the Red Imported Fire Ant in Texas - Wade Polk - M.S. Thesis

Potential for Hide Quality Improvements - Christopher Schraeder - M.S. Thesis



Agricultural Sustainability in the Texas high Plains:  The Role of Advanced Irrigation Technology and Biotechnology - Talah Arabiyat - M.S. Thesis

An Analysis of the Cottonseed Pricing Structure in Texas - Jane Bondurant - M.S. Thesis

Economics of Cotton Gin Waste as a Roughage Ingredient in Beef Feedlot Rations on the Texas High Plains - Mark Castleberry - M.S. Thesis

Standardized Performance Analysis for Cotton Production:  An Application to the Texas High Plains - April Clark - M.S. Thesis

Economic Impacts of the Depletion of the Ogallala Aquifer:  A Case Study of the Texas High Plains Region - Bonnie Terrell - M.S. Thesis



Cotton Price Policy Effects on Domestic Cotton and Textile Industries, Trade, and Sectoral Economic Growth in Pakistan - Darren Hudson - Ph.D. Dissertation


Optimum Organization of the Cotton Ginning Industry in the Texas Southern High Plains - Brent McPeek - M.S. Thesis

The Economic Impacts of the Texas Wine and Wine Grape Industry in the State’s Economy - Mark Michaud - M.S. Thesis

Economic Analysis of Cotton Textile Finishing Processes - Steve Teal - M.S. Thesis



Economic Analysis of the Government Pricing Program for Rice in South Korea - Ma Kwang Dong Cho - Ph.D. Dissertation

The Economic and Environmental Implications of Feedlot Manure Utilization in the Texas High Plains - Jason Johnson - Ph.D. Dissertation


Impact of Bovine Somatotropin on Consumer Concern and Purchase Behavior of Fluid Milk in Texas - Kyle Clem - M.S. Thesis

Economic Evaluation of Redberry Juniper Control in the Texas Rolling Plains - Alfonso Gerbolini - M.S. Thesis

Farm Profitability and Financial Viability in the Texas High Plains: The Impact of Biotechnology and Plant Stress - Aubrey Haynesi - M.S. Thesis

The Economics of Plant Stress Reduction Through Biotechnology: An Application to the Northern Plains Region of Texas - Marty Middleton - M.S. Thesis



U.S. Textile Mill Manufacturers’ Valuation of Cotton Quality Attributes - Chanping Chen - Ph.D. Dissertation

Pricing Efficiency in the U.S. Hog Futures Market - Chaw Wayoopagtr - Ph.D. Dissertation


Efficient Cotton Cleaning in a System Framework - Blake Bennett - M.S. Thesis



Economic and Environmental Factors Affecting the Success of Rangeland Seeding - Richard Sherwood - M.S. Thesis

An Economic Analysis of Waste Management for Texas Cattle Feedlots: An Analysis of System Alternatives and Policy Implications - Teresa Glover - M.S. Thesis

Reporting of Price Movements in Cotton Markets: Implications for Pricing Efficiency - Darren Hudson - M.S. Thesis