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Conference & Proceedings Papers 2007-09




Textile Economic Adjustment Assistance: Will it Affect Cotton Markets? Suwen Pan, Darren Hudson, Don Ethridge, Maria Mutuc and Mohamadou Fediga. 2009 Beltwide Cotton Conference.

Expiring Temporary Safeguards on Apparel Trade: Implications for U.S. Cotton. Maria Mutuc, Darren Hudson, Don Ethridge, and Samarendu Mohanty, International Rice Research Institute. 2009 Beltwide Cotton Conference.

An Analysis of Plains Ginning Costs. Caren Fullerton, Lubbock Christian University and Phillip Johnson. 2009 Beltwide Cotton Conference.


Positioning Cotton in the Market for Quality: An Application of Needs Assessment for West Texas. Sangnyeol Jung, Department of Business and Political Affairs, Marshall, MN and Conrad P. Lyford. 2008 Beltwide Cotton Conference.

Accuracy of Cotton Price Reporting. Don E. Ethridge and Rene Aelvoet. 2008 Beltwide Cotton Conference.

Energy Analysis of Cotton Production on the Southern High Plains of Texas. Justin Andrew Weinheimer and Phillip N. Johnson. 2008 Beltwide Cotton Conference.

Effects of Cotton Variety Selection and Irrigation Level on Economic Returns: Texas Southern High Plains. Curtis Wilde, Jeff Johnson, J. W. Keeling and Phillip Johnson. 2008 Beltwide Cotton Conference.

Cotton Gin Trash Availability on the Texas High Plains For Bioenergy Production. Curtis Wilde, Jeff Johnson and Michael Farmer. 2008 Beltwide Cotton Conference.


Spillover Effects of the Biofuel Revolution on the U.S. Cotton Industry. Mark Welch, Samarendu Mohanty, Suwen Pan and Mohamadou Fediga. 2007 Beltwide Cotton Conference.

Impacts of Decreasing Cottonseed To Lint Ratio On Cottonseed Markets. Donna Mitchell, Jeff Johnson, Curtis Wilde. 2007 Beltwide Cotton Conference.

Profitability of Cotton Production In The Texas High Plains 1996-2005. Phillip Johnson, Ginger Sides, Darcie Schmidt-Wertz. 2007 Beltwide Cotton Conference.

Investment Analysis Of Alternation Subsurface Drip Irrigation Designs For Cotton Production. Curtis Wilde, Jeff Johnson, James Bordovsky. 2007 Beltwide Cotton Conference.

Costs Of Owning and Operating Module Trucks. Dale Harrison Jeff Johnson. 2007 Beltwide Cotton Conference.

Economic Comparison Of Conventional Cotton and Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems In the Texas High Plains. Teresa Duch-Carvallo, Eduardo Segarra, Vivien Allen. 2007 Beltwide Cotton Conference.