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Convergence Issues in the Intercontinental Exchange Cotton Futures Contract: Alternatives and Potential Remedies

West Texas Cotton Crop Expected to Increase 40 Percent

Global Cotton Baseline
2012/13 - 2022/23

Global Cotton Baseline 2011/12 - 2021/22

Texas Drought a Job Killer Where Cotton is King

Effects of an Increase in Chinese Government Purchasing Price on the World Cotton Market

Welcome to the Cotton Economics Research Institute (CERI)

The Cotton Economics Research Institute (CERI) coordinates economic research activities on all aspects of cotton research (e.g. production, marketing, trade, processing, value added) within Texas Tech University and other research units throughout the United States and other countries.

The Institute fosters the dissemination of research results in both disciplinary/professional outlets and industry/public outlets focusing on economic research and coordinates with other research efforts, both economic and non-economic in their primary intent.

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Farm-Forward Economic Impacts of Changes at the Farm Level on Agribusiness Supply Chains and Communities

The (So far non-existent) Farm Bill and Texas Cotton




Dr. Darren Hudson
Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics
Texas Tech University