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AAEC Course Descriptions

Undergraduate Courses

2305 [AGRI 2317]. Fundamentals of Agricultural and Applied Economics (3:3:0). Fundamental economic principles and their application to problems and issues in the food, fiber, and natural resource sectors of the economy. F, S, SS.

3100. Seminar (1:1:0). Prerequisite: Junior standing. Assigned readings, informal discussion, outside speakers, and written and oral reports on subjects relating to agricultural and applied economics. F, S.

3301. Agribusiness Marketing (3:2:3). Prerequisite: AAEC 2305 and ENGL 1302. Marketing of raw materials and processed products from the management perspective. Market structure, conduct, performance. Marketing channels. F, S. (Writing Intensive)

3302. Agribusiness Finance (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 2305 and MATH 1320 or 1330. Basic principles of finance emphasizing the mathematics of finance, credit, and financial analysis. F, S.

3303. Cooperatives (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 3301. Organization and operation of agricultural and other cooperatives. S or by correspondence. (Writing Intensive)

3304. Farm and Ranch Business Management (3:2:3). Prerequisite: AAEC 2305 or equivalent. Organization and management of the individual small business including farms, ranches, input suppliers, commodity processors, etc. F, S.

3305. Introduction to Sales (3:3:0). Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Principles and methods used in professional selling for the business environment. Includes concepts of human behavior and professional selling techniques. F.

3315. Agricultural Price Theory (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 2305, MATH 1331, and junior standing. Basic economic principles with applications to agricultural pricing problems and resource allocations. F, S, SS.

3401. Agricultural Statistics (4:3:3). Prerequisite: College algebra or higher mathematics. Principles and procedures involved in the analysis of agricultural data including indices of central tendency and dispersion; probability; sampling; significance tests; analysis of variance; and simple linear correlation. F, S, SS.

4000. Internship in Agricultural and Applied Economics (V1-12). Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and approval. Supervised study providing in-service training and practice in business and organizations. F, S, SS.

4101. Current Problems in Agricultural and Applied Economics (1). Prerequisite: Senior standing. Topics may vary. May be repeated twice for credit. F, S, SS.

4301. Special Problems in Applied Economic Analysis (3). Prerequisite: AGSC 4300 or approval. Individual instruction in analysis of a research problem. May be repeated with the approval of the department. S. (Writing Intensive)

4302. Statistical Methods in Agricultural Research (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 3401 and MATH 1331. Advanced agricultural statistical analysis related to research methods using probability theory; tests of statistical significance; multiple correlation and regression; analysis of covariance; and experimental design. S, SS.

4303. Property Appraisal (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 2305, sophomore English or ENGL 2311, and senior standing or approval. Factors governing property prices and valuation. Appraisal of property for use, sale, and other purposes. F. (Writing Intensive)

4305. Agricultural and Public Policy (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 3315. Historical development and economic analysis of public programs and policies affecting the food and fiber sector and the environment. F. (Writing Intensive)

4306. International Agricultural Trade (3:3:0). Prerequisite: Junior standing and AAEC 3315. Economic principles of interregional and international trade, location, and inter-area competition in products and services. S. (Writing Intensive)

4309. Special Problems in International Agricultural Development (3). Prerequisite: Departmental approval. Individual instruction and independent study in international development and management in the agricultural sector in advanced and developing nations.

4312. Applied Optimization Methods (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 3315 or equivalent. Study of techniques applicable to economic optimization problems, including mathematical optimization and linear programming. Emphasis on problem solving. F.

4313. Natural Resource Economics (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 3315 and junior standing. Economics of natural resource use and allocation including land economics, economics of water development, and environmental economics. S. (Writing Intensive)

4315. Agribusiness Management (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 3315 and 3401. Case studies emphasizing managerial techniques applied to decision-making problems of business firms. F. (Writing Intensive)

4316. Agricultural Financial Analysis (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 3302 or FIN 3320. Principles and procedures in managing financial and credit resources; nature, purposes, and use of financial statements, budgets, and credit instruments; and criteria for decision making in borrowing and lending. S.

4317. Commodity Futures Trading and Analysis (3:3:0). Prerequisite: Junior standing and AAEC 2305. History and characteristics of commodity futures markets, hedging and speculation, and use of futures as a management tool. F, S.

4320. Agribusiness Law (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 2305 and junior standing. Federal regulatory programs, market orders, Packers and Stockyards Act, bankruptcy. Administrative, environmental, antitrust law, Uniform Commercial Code, in an agribusiness context. F.

Graduate Courses

5301. Special Study in Agricultural and Applied Economics (3). Individual and group study in advanced topics not covered in other graduate courses. May be repeated for credit. F, S, SS.

5302. Food and Agriculture Sector Public Policy (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 4305. Analysis of public policies affecting the food and fiber sector; commodity programs, environmental laws, and trade policy. F, SS.

5303. Advanced Production Economics (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 3315. Criteria for resource use optimality and technology adoption; duality relationships; and linear programming. F.

5307. Applied Econometrics I (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 4302. Advanced statistical methods, including multiple regression analysis, for applied economic problems; constructing econometric models; multicollinearity, autocorrelation, heteroscedasticity, and related problems. F.

5308. Natural Resource Economics (3:3:0). Prerequisite: ECO 5312 or consent of instructor. Economic theory and empirical investigations of resource utilization with special emphasis on arid and semi-arid land areas and environmental issues. S.

5309. International Economic Development in Food and Fiber Sectors (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 3315. World food and development issues; economic development of the food and fiber sector in industrialized and developing economies. F.

5310. Advanced Market Analysis (3:3:0). Prerequisite: ECO 5312 and AAEC 5307. Theoretical and empirical approaches to market structures and market price behavior. S.

5312. Agribusiness Analysis (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 3315. Application of economic theory and methods to management problems of the business firms in the food and fiber sector. F.

5313. Microcomputer Applications in Agribusiness and Research (3:2:2). Use of microcomputers, software, and design of software for agricultural business and research purposes. Not open to majors. S, SS.

5315. Property Appraisal (3:3:0). Factors governing land prices, valuation. Appraisal for use, sale, lending, condemnation, estate settlement, taxation. Not open to students with AAEC 4303 or equivalent. F.

5316. International Agricultural Trade (3:3:0). Economic theory dealing with the international movement of goods, services, and capital; welfare and distributional aspects of trade; and policy issues in international agricultural trade.

5317. Financial and Commodity Futures and Options (3:3:0). Mechanics of futures trading, history and functions of futures market. Role of futures and options markets in managing risks. Not open to students with AAEC 4317 or equivalent. F, S.

5318. Finance and the Agribusiness Sector (3:3:0). Prerequisite: FIN 5320. Applications of financial theory for the agribusiness sector. Risk, capital structure, business structure, investment analysis. S.

5320. Agribusiness Law (3:3:0). Federal regulatory programs, market orders, bankruptcy. Administrative, environmental, antitrust law, Uniform Commercial Code in agricultural context. Not open to students with AAEC 4320 or equivalent. F.

5321. Research Methodology in Economics (3:3:0). Review of philosophical and conceptual basis of economic research and study of the procedural aspects of designing, planning, and conducting research in economics. S.

6000. Master's Thesis (V1-6).

6301. Advanced Special Problems in Agricultural and Applied Economics (3). Individual study in advanced topics not covered in other graduate courses. F, S, SS.

6302. Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Policy Analysis (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 4305. Analysis of policies, programs affecting food, agricultural commodities, trade, and natural resources. Includes policies in the U.S. and other countries. F.

6305. Economic Optimization (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 5303. Development, use of mathematical economic models emphasizing static and stochastic linear, nonlinear and dynamic processes. S.

6308. Advanced Natural Resource Economics (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 5308. Advanced economic theory and analysis of environmental and natural resource issues, both domestic and global. F.

6310. Demand and Price Analysis (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 5311, ECO 5312. Applied price and demand analysis including complete demand systems and hedonic-characteristic price analysis. F.

6311. Applied Econometrics II (3:3:0). Prerequisite: AAEC 5307. Methods and applications of single and multi-equation models in agricultural economics; logit and probit models, nonstructural models and related methods. S.

7000. Research (V1-12).

7200. Teaching Practicum (2:3:0). Prerequisite: Doctoral student in the program and previous or concurrent enrollment in a higher education teaching methods course. Supervised teaching at the university level.

8000. Doctor's Dissertation (V1-12).